Episode 1: Understanding Autoimmune Disease:

The Root Causes, Disease Triggers & Leaky Gut

Mastery Session with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Mastery Session with Dr. Brooke Goldner

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As you watch these episodes, you’re seeing all the testimonies from people who had incredible results, but instead of feeling empowered and hopeful, you’ve felt disappointed and overwhelmed – because you feel like this sort of breakthrough is out of reach for you or for someone you care about.

Perhaps it’s because the featured doctor you want to make an appointment with lives in a different part of the world, or is too expensive for you.

Or maybe, like many people, you’d like extra support because you’re unsure about which protocols to follow for your ailment, or confused about what dietary choices to make, which lifestyle changes are necessary, or which supplements to take. Perhaps all of this has made you feel lost, and feel like the success that others have had is still out of reach for you.

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Episode Schedule

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Episode 1: Understanding Autoimmune Disease: The Root Causes, Disease Triggers & Leaky Gut

Episode 2: Deep Dive into Disease Triggers: Toxins, Parasites, Pesticides, Big Pharma, & the Western Diet

Episode 3: Brain Health: The Gut-Immune-Brain Connection & Preventing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s & Neurological Decline

Episode 4: How to Repair Your Gut Microbiome and Build Immunity, Regulate Insulin & Fight Inflammation

Episode 5: Autoimmunity Link to Mental Health: Heal Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders & Fatigue

Episode 6: The Healing Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Beat Pain, Reduce Cortisol, & Boost Your Sleep, Hormones and Metabolism

Episode 7: Boost Your Body’s Natural Detox Organs: Liver, Kidneys, Colon, Lungs, Lymphatic System & Skin

Episode 8: Whole Body Health: Thyroid, Muscles, Digestion & Oral Health

Episode 9: Autoimmune Diseases Affecting Women and Children: ADHD & Autism

EPISODE 10: Holistic Health & Wellness: Natural Medicine Foods, Supplements & A Healing Mindset

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