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Can Natural Medicines really reverse disease?

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Episode Schedule - Watch Episodes 1-5 During the Catch-Up Day. They will be removed at the start of Episode 6.

Aired on August 2


Episode 1: Understanding Autoimmune Disease: The Root Causes, Disease Triggers & Leaky Gut

Aired on August 3


Episode 2: Deep Dive into Disease Triggers: Toxins, Parasites, Pesticides, Big Pharma & the Western Diet

Aired on August 4


Episode 3: Brain Health: Gut-Immune-Brain Connection & Preventing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s & Neurological Decline

Aired on August 5


Episode 4: How to Repair Your Gut Microbiome: And Build Immunity, Regulate Insulin & Fight Inflammation

Episode 5: Autoimmunity Link to Mental Health: Heal Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders & Fatigue

Episode 6: The Healing Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Beat Pain, Reduce Cortisol, & Boost Your Sleep, Hormones and Metabolism

Episode 7: Boost Your Body’s Natural Detox Organs: Liver, Kidneys, Colon, Lungs, Lymphatic System & Skin

Episode 8: Whole Body Health: Thyroid, Muscles, Digestion & Oral Health

Episode 9: Autoimmune Diseases Affecting Women and Children: ADHD & Autism

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