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Who created this free resource? Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, natural health researcher, documentary filmmaker, and humanitarian. He has created several highly-acclaimed, groundbreaking docuseries — Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets, Autoimmune Secrets, Natural Medicine Secrets, and Women’s Health Secrets — covering innovative, effective natural remedies for autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health, cancer, and heart disease.

These docuseries — watched by millions around the world — represent Jonathan’s unceasing quest to discover the root causes of debilitating diseases by interviewing over 100 world-renowned natural medicine doctors, scientists, natural health experts, and patients. Jonathan’s greatest reward has been hearing the testimonials from people whose lives have literally been saved with the protocols he developed.His work has been featured in international TV broadcasts, print media, national news, and radio broadcasts. He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year, by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support.

In this FREE eBook, here's what you’ll discover:

  • The list of foods that contain toxic metals, an autoimmunity-causing toxin that causes autoimmune disease. These toxins have also been linked with cardiovascular disease1, DNA damage, and damage to liver and kidneys;
  • The FDA alarming report showing over 20% baby food samples have this autoimmune-causing toxin2
  • Natural and affordable DIY cleanser recipes for kitchen, bathroom, windows and fridge;
  • The water routine that helps flush the toxic waste from your system first thing in the morning;
  • The simple steps to disinfect your foods from the most toxic chemical known to man;
  • Fibromyalgia treatment might be as simple as removing one food additive from your diet, according to a 2001 study from Annals of Pharmacotherapy3. This simple step might bring you relief;
  • Overweight even if you eat right and exercise well? These “obesogen toxins”4 disrupt your endocrine levels and make you gain weight fast. Remove them to see rapid changes in your body;
  • Can fish, rice, and vegetables be a root cause of autoimmunity? Yes, but only if you choose the wrong type from the supermarket aisles. Discover how to choose high-quality foods that heal the body instead.
  • The simple, inexpensive detox regime you can start doing today to balance your body and your immune system with foods and supplements
  • Little known European study finds that exposing yourself to this toxin creates autoimmune disease5. Protect yourself with a few steps;
  • This soda ingredient might cause nerve damage in some people. Next time you buy yourself a fizzy drink, make sure it’s doesn’t have this chemical6
  • The “great endocrine disruptor” that is linked with lupus, fertility issues, obesity and diabetes7 has been found in our detergent, beauty products and toys8. Get the 5 steps to limit exposure;
  • Why people who eat out have 40% more toxins than people who eat home-cooked meals9. Find out what takeaway foods contain the most chemicals;
  • This golden spice inhibits autoimmune reactions – Use it with your omelets, smoothies and meat10
  • The “dirty dozen” affecting our environment makes your immune system hypersensitive and causing immune disease11;
  • One food toxin linked with Celiac Disease12. The same toxin can contribute to soaring autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s cases13;
  • 98% of Americans have this synthetic chemical in their blood! It stays in the body up to 4 years and causes lupus, colitis, MS, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and more14. See what foods have it in high concentration;
  • Hand sanitizer substance linked with allergies. See how 75% of Americans came to have this chemical in their blood15;
  • How a chiropractor might help your immune disease by releasing toxic residues from your body effortlessly16;
  • How to cut processed foods without feeling hungry and craving for bad foods;

The best part is when you download your free eBook, you’ll receive FREE access to watch all 10 episodes of Autoimmune Answers our brand new, groundbreaking docuseries.

With answers from some of the top doctors in America who have successfully treated multiple patients suffering from autoimmune disease – who couldn’t find answers from Big Pharma.

And find inspiration in the stories shared by patients with autoimmune disease who faced detrimental health effects – but overcame these with simple lifestyle changes!

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Your Exclusive Sneak Peak Inside Each Episode:

Airing on Aug 2 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Hear Nataliya share her incredible story — she was so sick that doctors at the Cleveland Clinic told her they needed to amputate her legs within two weeks or she faced death. Nataliya shares the natural protocol that saved her legs and her life!
  • Trusting your body symptoms and understanding the optimum range. Autoimmune diseases attack multiple systems and organs – how does it attack at a cellular versus glandular level?
  • With 80% of the immune system in the gut, discover the link between autoimmune diseases and a leaky gut. Look at how eating the wrong foods, genetics or physical trauma like accidents and environmental insults may contribute to a leaky gut.
  • When dietary changes alone do not help with autoimmune disease – discover other contributing factors. Learn about the steps you can take to detox your body from these.

Airing on Aug 3 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Discover how the body reacts to different substances, possibly leading to an autoimmune response. How does epigenetics play a role in autoimmune diseases and what is the importance of discovering the root causes of these diseases instead of simply treating the symptoms?
  • Learn about the link between toxins and pesticides and autoimmune diseases. How are leaky gut and toxins related? Discover how toxins can travel from the gut to other parts of the body, causing autoimmune diseases in various places.
  • What is the level of toxins we are being exposed to? Studies are suggesting that on average, babies are being born with up to 287 chemicals found in the umbilical cord.
  • Is genetics the only blaming point? Dr. Cathleen Gerenger  says “your genetics loads the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.” Discover how environmental toxins such as fertilizer, which is high in glyphosate, and pathogens are linked to common autoimmune diseases.

Airing on Aug 4 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • “I became really focused on Alzheimer’s disease, because there’s no cure. What we were doing in the mainstream was writing prescriptions for medications that did not work to treat a disease that is preventable…. 5.4 million Americans right now have a disease that is, by and large, preventable.” – Dr. David Perlmutter
  • “Alzheimer’s disease is classified as Type 3 diabetes. The three red flags are number one, being diagnosed as a diabetic. Number two, being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Number three, obesity. These three red flags are controllable.” – Dr. Cathleen Gerenger
  • “What we know about Alzheimer’s is that it is Type 3 diabetes of the brain.” – Dr. Vincent Pedre
  • “The very drugs used and given to Alzheimer’s patients in the United States are associated with a more rapid decline in cognitive function.” – Dr. David Perlmutter

Airing on Aug 5 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Learn about the significance of a balanced gut and how the rise of antiacid medications, antibiotics, birth control pills, anti-inflammatory drugs and alcohol affect the gut microbiome.
  • We look at the questions: “Are we in charge or is the gut microbiome really in charge of our own mental state, how you feel in your body, inflammation in the body, your hormone balance, your blood sugar balance.”
  • How do our immune systems protect us from constant exposure to bacteria and viruses? What can you do to boost your immune system – including healthy diets and getting enough sleep
  • Dr. Villanueva talks about a patient who, despite taking antidepressants, struggled to find relief from his anxiety and depression. After running brain chemistry tests, all his neurotransmitters appeared low. Treatment involved an anti-inflammatory vegan-based diet and a gut repair to help his brain naturally restore these neurotransmitters.

Airing on Aug 6 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • What are the links between the risk factors of autoimmune disease and depression, anxiety and mood disorders? These are usually a combination of more than one problem at a time. These are problems that may be solved by eating a clean, healthy diet and exercising.
  • Discover the link between inflammatory responses and depression. Dr. Perlmutter talks about the direct effect that high sugar intake has on the body’s inflammatory response.
  • Why are antidepressants not helping? How do you tackle the root cause of your depression? Learn about the effects of anemia, cytokines, inflammation and gut microbiome and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Is there a link between depression and Alzheimer’s? Learn about the heightened activity in the amygdala and the increased risk of diabetes which is associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s, an increased risk for depression, and high levels of inflammatory chemicals in the body correlating with activation of this brain center.

Airing on Aug 7 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • What everyday foods trigger autoimmune responses? You’ll be surprised! Learn which foods are friends — and which are foes…
  • How can we detox from these? Learn about the different nutrients and foods that can help you detox your body from toxins and allergens.
  • Focus on green and yellow? What’s the fuss? Be sure to include these in every lunch and dinner since they lead to increased blood flow in the brain and body tissues, lowering inflammation and autoimmune responses.
  • From being unable to stand up from her chair to being able to jump and step again, Nataliya talks about her inspirational journey and how supplements – to the astonishment of her doctors – drastically improved her symptoms from the multiple autoimmune diseases she was diagnosed with.

Airing on Aug 8 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Western medicine’s focus is to mask health issues with pills. What if there are less invasive approaches to addressing the root causes of autoimmune diseases?
  • What do you do when your doctor says your lab results look normal despite the symptoms you have described like gut dysfunction? How can you tackle the root causes of your autoimmune symptoms?
  • How is our exposure to fluoride, chloride and bromide – found in our water, swimming pools and plastic – affecting our thyroid functioning?
  • Dr. Bennette talks about her experience of having to carry an EpiPen around to help her 3-month-old son with his severe allergy attacks. She talks about his severe eczema and how treatments only tackled symptoms. What more could she do to help her son?

Airing on Aug 9 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Discover how gum disease is directly related to health complications like pregnancy complications, heart attack or stroke, diabetes onset, Alzheimer’s Disease and more.
  • There is a link between microbiome and gum disease. Discover what Dr. Gerry Curatola found in his research.
  • Jonathan Landsman talks about bone infections that are a byproduct of improperly extracting teeth.
  • When a Japanese researcher did a biopsy on diseased gums, he found them to be deficient of vitamin C – a key nutrient that is essential for self-function.

Airing on Aug 10 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Find out why vaginal births are healthier — and why C-section babies are at greater risk for gut issues later in life
  • Research is suggesting a strong link between mothers’ exposure to glyphosate exposure and an increased risk of having a child develop autism after that child is born.
  • How is cow’s milk having an effect on women? Dr. Michael Klaper talks about how cows that are producing milk are mostly pregnant, meaning, their milk is full of estrogens, making it a medical concern.
  • Learn how children who are exposed to a rough childhood have a 360% increased risk of heart disease.

Airing on Aug 11 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Dr. David Perlmutter explains why diets rich in vegetables are important for our gut health.
  • Is milk thistle really effective? Discover which supplements are useful to detox your body from heavy metals and other toxins.
  • A trending question right now is how do you get iron from a plant-based diet? Dr. Cathleen Gerenger breaks it down.
  • We look at the blue zones there, the five longest living groups of people in the world. There is evidence of their diet containing more vegetables.

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